The Local Food Connection

The Local Food Connection 2017-12-28T23:54:48+00:00

Healthy Harvest of North Iowa is excited to launch a new program of producer support that will integrate both social networking – getting to know and find business connections with other local food producers and businesses  – and specific business development workshops.

The North Iowa Local Food Connection will convene regular meetings of local food producers allowing participants to identify and prioritize topics for business management focused seminars, workshops, field days, and consulting opportunities. This is open to producers of a wide range of products from fruit and vegetable to meat to wineries and breweries to producers who may not even be producing for the local market yet.

This is not just a sit down and listen workshop; interactive activities will be used throughout to help strengthen connections between participants and connections that build business. There will also be opportunity for one on one business coaching for those who want to put in the extra time.

Our goal is that The North Iowa Local Food Connection will build a vibrant learning community.

If you have an existing local food business or have been dreaming of a local food business and want to use your winter to improve and grow your business or business concept, The North Iowa Local Food Connection is the place to come.