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Other resources that you may find helpful.

Small Farm Equipment

Specialty farm equipment can be a huge labor saver for farmers.  This page has resources to help with those decisions.

  • Machinery Cost Estimates (03/2008) University of Minnesota Extension
    This publication contains estimates of farm machinery operation costs calculated via an economic engineering approach. The information is a representative farming industry cost for specified machines and operations.

Equipment Links

From the ISU Extension Post-Harvest Decision Tool

Is Joint Ownership an option for you?

Many farmers have reduced their machinery costs by owning equipment jointly. This helps smaller operators utilize machinery more efficiently and still enjoy the convenience of owning a full line. It also helps younger operators get started with less capital tied up in machinery.  This publication from ISU Extension can help.

Four Season Tools

Four Season Tools builds season-extending movable greenhouses,and supplies uniquely designed farm implements to assist farmers in creating year-round growing systems. In addition to these products, Four Season Tools offers farm development consultation to assist farmers in improving their growing techniques and economic viability. Our solutions are ideal for establishing market farms from 1-5 acres or supplementing your larger farm with a high-yield, vegetable system.