Food Safety

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Food safety is taking center stage in America. Consumers and retailers are demanding accountability when it comes to producing, buying and selling fresh produce. Developing, implementing and auditing a food safety plan are essential to Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), and it can reduce both health and business risks for consumers and growers. This page is a collection of resources for food producers.

From the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Iowa Food Marketing Regulations: A Guide for Small-Scale Producers
This guide offers an overview of the various licenses required for selling local foods in Iowa (fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, honey and dairy) and directs readers to the appropriate agency for answering specific questions. Read the news release

Other resources:

  • On-Farm Food Safety Project  – On-Farm Food Safety Project (OFFS) is a comprehensive national program that offers fruit and vegetable farmers, food safety professionals and agricultural extension specialists technical assistance to utilize and teach best practices in food safety.