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Healthy Harvest Membership is for EVERYONE!

Healthy Harvest Membership is a new opportunity for all to support North Iowa’s local food system.

We invite producers as well as non producers to join.

As a member of Healthy Harvest, you will get:

  • Discounts to events such as Farm to Fork Dinners
  • Free subscription to quarterly newsletter, Bites from Healthy Harvest
  • Opportunities to bring local food development to your community
  • A chance to serve as a leader, a committee members, a special project partners, or spokesperson in a press release
  • Energy that comes from being a part of a movement toward win=win  propositions with local food at its center

Membership Levels


One student,
up to college senior



You and your local food system supporting self



All family members living under the same roof



Businesses and organizations that support our work


Download our Membership Brochure

* All gifts are tax deductible

Yes, I want to put local food
at the center of my plate!

1. Click on the button below and complete the form.

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2. Then Send Payment to

Healthy Harvest of North Iowa
1465 120th St.
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